Monday, May 24, 2010

May class

What a great weekend I just had!  Three wild and crazy guests for class, and a fourth equally w&c along for the ride.

Monique had been here last summer, and was returning for more glass cutting tips.  She began a really really cool design that she will complete at her home studio.  It's hard to describe, but photo will follow, when I get one from her husband David who took some class photos that I know will surpass any of my feeble attempts.  Can't wait to see this one in the light!  Mo used some of the most beautiful greens, and we found a perfect clear for the bottom part of the panel.  It is a bunch of radishes with a lot of clear glass in the bottom half of the panel.  Now I am inspired to do a series of fruit and vegetable panels.

Ben surprised Robyn with the class, and she came up with a beautiful and unique design that we all loved - even Bob is still raving about it.  Can you believe she found a piece of glass that looks so much like our big blue marble?

Ben loves lighthouses, so he brought lots of photos of one at the easternmost point of the continental U.S. - it's in Maine but Ben you will have to identify it properly for me.  anyway, I think he captured the essence of the red and white striped brick structure.  with only a two day class, we had to reduce the number of actual stripes.  but look at that sky and the water - aren't they gorgeous?   

We got all this accomplished, and still managed to laugh ourselves silly for most of the time.  The two couples were sharing a boatload of inside jokes by the end of the weekend.  We all totally understand what a piece of kissmeass glass is now.  btw, Robyn, Casino Royale was on TV last night and you are so right about Daniel Craig!   

Monday, May 10, 2010

Here's the crab - before framing in wood.  I couldn't wait, so it's already at Connie's Wide River Gallery in Colonial Beach VA.  I will replace this photo with the framed finished one soon.  Meantime, here he is - I am calling it "En Garde".  He looks ready to pinch, doesn't he?  This Uroboros glass is so beautiful!  Look for new photos soon of my garden stones!