Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christmas in August!

here's a little something to cool you off.  My friend Freda Higgins - always thinking of some new and incredibly difficult creative project - decided to make some Christmas decorations.  these are outside ornamentals, plenty heavy so they won't blow over, and completely weather-proof.

the snowman is 45" tall and is for sale for $500.  the smaller tree is 28" tall and is $150.  the taller trees are 36" and are $200 each. Freda is the primary artist, I just helped cut and glue some of the glass onto the papercrete forms.  we used lots of iridescent glass, glass nuggets, and jewels for sparkle.  Make us an offer.  these can become your permanent Christmas display - totally unique - what an eye-catching display for your entrance area at the holidays.

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