Saturday, March 6, 2010

time MARCHes on

this blog started with such good intentions, and I see that I haven't posted a thing since early February.  good news is that this means February is over at last... my least favorite month of the year.  I started a mermaid and am soldering today.  I got so excited about doing the mermaid that I didn't take time to post a thing.

I had a beautiful piece of Uroboros that I used for her tail, but had to cut almost every piece on the ring saw.  I love to do pieces like that - where you really have to find the exact right area of the glass to give the shading and texture that looks best.  Photo coming later, maybe tomorrow, but right now I am going to fire up the soldering iron.

is anyone out there working on anything that they'd like to share?  BTW, I just got an email from a new glass website that looks very interesting.

check it out - lots of good info

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