Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starry Night interpreted in stained glass

finished at last!  Two weeks of hard work but it was worth it.  I am happy with the completed panel, and now Bob will frame it for me.  It was really a challenge to build a panel using all opaque glass.  My usual method is to think about both sides as I work, and this time I concentrated on the top side only, completely disregarding the back of all the glass.  You would think it would be easier, but it really wasn't.  But when I held it up in the light, it was even more beautiful.

we will frame this one to hang on a wall without backlighting.  It is my homage to Vincent van Gogh's painting, with my own variations.  Next I think I'll try one of his sunflower paintings - nice and bright and summery! 

I used a lot of Uroboros and Kokomo, and a few Spectrums.  Lots of ring saw work because of the extreme textures and curvy lines.  I welcome any questions or comments.


  1. I love this piece - I think it came out beautiful. Mr. van Gogh would be proud of you!

  2. That looks very nice, and I especially like the mix of glass you used for the sky.

    I've recently started stained glass and have more ambition than time at the moment. But I'm getting there. :)

  3. Pilkington makes a clear textured glass which we call Starry Night because it has the same type of swirly design that appeared in the night sky of the Van Goug painting. They call it Taffeta.

  4. marvelous, simply marvelous! I love it!