Friday, February 5, 2010

February - first post

Here goes! I am so resistant to new technology; always drag myself into it kicking and screaming and full of angst... but at least I try. and it does seem that the geeks keep making it easier for us old fogies that were not born with a cell phone attached to our head and fingers that naturally text all the right buttons.

Brief background: I am obsessed with stained glass. I have had a glass business for 20 years, and have been doing glass for over 25 years. I teach others how to do it, and occasionally have a student who gets as excited as I do over the medium, and continues on with it as an avocation or as a business. The more the merrier!

I have a website where I have photos of panels I have done and panels by my proud students. But I wanted a more fluid way to communicate my passion for glass, and a way to instantly publicize class panels, so here I am.

Here on the Northern Neck of Virginia, in a very remote but lovely spot, I am working on an adaptation of van Gogh's Starry Night. I am using all opaques (a difficult task for me; transparents are more appealing to me) and it is quite a challenge. But amazingly I am finding lots of glass in my inventory that seems to work together. I'm not trying to copy the original painting exactly, but I want to capture his vivid colors and sheer intensity in glass. I'll publish photos as I go along.

With the predicted blizzard, I have stocked up on groceries and just hope that the power doesn't go off - I need those grinders!!!

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  1. You got me started with my addiction..heck...almost 10 years ago now. Have ventured into some fused glass. However, my love will always be for the "million piece" foiled panels. With the move to TN, a great job (although I was retired when I moved here 5 years ago), a nice studio we had built on the house, glass panels in every tansom in the house..I have not been doing too much with the stained glass. Have fused some "cool" tiles (lots of pieces Barney!!!) and am now getting ready to make a fused glass backsplash. Need more moving slowly. Miss you greatly! Elaine