Tuesday, February 9, 2010

one snowstorm done with, only a few inches to clean up this time but very heavy.  still plugging away at the glass panel, with not much progress.  hopefully by the end of today I will be able to post a photo that looks like something.

weather says we are getting another blast, starting today and going into tomorrow.  we are ready - stocked up on staples at the grocery store yesterday and Bob just got more diesel for the tractor.

we lost power for about 5 hours during the Saturday blizzard, but thanks to NNEC we had heat and electricity back on before any catastrophes.  I've taken the frozen stuff out of the frig in the garage and put on the deck; it's so cold that the frig isn't working properly but the outside air is keeping the stuff nice and frozen.

enough snow talk, down to glass business.  this panel is really a piece by piece project.  I am working in three areas at once, trying to get a feel for the overall  color scheme.  I am using so many different colors and textures and hoping it will not get too confusing, but keep to the spirit of Vincent's painting.  The stars are a huge pain - a center orb of bullseye sunflower yellow with two concentric bands of lighter yellow  spectrum, for a total of 7 teeny pieces of glass... and you know the rule:  the smaller the piece the more work it is.  anyway, you can see for yourselves when I post the first photo.

back to the grind...

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